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Learn about Taekwondo: The origin and history of early formation

Modern martial arts Taekwondo is widely available in many countries around the world, but few people know its origin. In this article, we will learn about Taekwondo through its origins and history.

Where does Taekwondo come from?

Martial arts in Korea have a long history dating back to ancient times. The traditional fighting arts of Korea, probably originating from the Goryeo period in 37 BC.

Learn about taekwondo, it was discovered at the ruins of royal tombs Muyongchong and Kakchu-chong built between the 3rd and 427th year that many paintings on the wall show men. practice. These may be early documents describing the original countervailing techniques called Subakhi.

Traditional Korean fighting techniques were also practiced at Sil La. This was a kingdom established in southeastern Korea. In Kyongju, the former capital of Silla, the images of the two Buddhas except the demons that protect Buddhism in the posture of piercing are carved on the wall in the Sokkuram cave at Pulkuk-sa temple.

This time, a Hwarangdo organization that greatly influenced and enriched the Korean martial arts and culture was established. Descendants of the nobility in Silla were selected to study and train in Hwarangdo. They trained as an army, educational and social organization. Chinese combat techniques were also introduced into Hwarangdo propaganda training. It was under the names Dang Soo (Tang Dynasty) and Gong Soo (Tong).

When it comes to learning about Taekwondo, many documents show that the organization not only sees martial arts training as an essential part of military training and physical enhancement, but also develops them as a tournament activity.

Ancient art discoveries such as frescoes in the tombs of the Cao Cau Ly dynasty. Especially, the stone carvings of temples and pagodas built during the Silla period. Also, many documents for The stance, technique and shape are very similar to the stance and shape of Taekwondo today.

Is Jorge Masvidal really avoiding the competition with Usman?

Suggesting a rematch with Nate Diaz while probably competing with Kamaru Usman, is there any evasion from Jorge Masvidal?

On the eve of UFC 249 in April, Jorge Masvidal and defending champion Welterweight Kamaru Usman challenged each other to appear at the event. In particular, the Nigerian champion has accused Masvidal of not accepting competition, though he still claims that he is “free” and ready to confront anyone.

Recently, Masvidal’s suggestion of a rematch with Nate Diaz has made his theory of dodging Usman a reality. Although at the present time, Masvidal is a boxer with achievements, popularity and has built up a gripping story with the champion.

Masvidal is the most viable name for a title match against Kamaru Usman

Playing MMA since 2003 with nearly 50 times of the upper stage, only in 2019 did Masvidal’s name really reach the “world” status. Even during the first 7 years of joining UFC, “Gamebred” has not really won any competition. The BMF belt he earned when defeating Nate Diaz at UFC 244 was just a symbolic title.

Therefore, Masvidal’s act of not promoting a fight with Usman was considered to be a dodge and wanted to cling to the temporary glory of the BMF title. Some even argue that the Miami-based puncher is afraid of losing and losing the position to try to build in 2019.

Leon Edwards – the boxer who has an 8-match winning streak is the No. 2 contender candidate at Welterweight.

Currently, the Welterweight class has the most potential UFC fighters. Besides Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards, another emerging name, Gilbert Burns, has just made the list.

Defeating the former King Tyron Woodley at UFC on ESPN 9 over the weekend, Gilbert Burns immediately rose to No. 1 on the Welterweight chart. The absolute overwhelming performance of “Durinho” helped him to win the 6th straight and the first opportunity to compete at UFC right before his eyes.