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The true and complete definition of Mixed Martial Arts – MMA

Is MMA a martial art or not? Or does MMA have a different definition?

MMA has now grown to a new height. However, as it is still a very new sport, MMA still has many misunderstandings.

What is Mixed Martial Arts – MMA?

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a form of sports competition. The MMA range allows for quite a wide range of resistance, whether the fighter is standing on the floor or the fighter is already on the floor, using Striking attacks and the Grappling of all sets. martial arts and other fighting competitions.

MMA was born to find the strongest martial art

Thus, in theory, a fighter who knows both boxing, wrestling, and Jiu-jitsu can fight MMA, a boxer only or a boxer who only knows Brazilian Jiu-jitsu can still fight MMA. However, to take advantage of the ring, a fighter must know more than one martial art.

With the development of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for more than 20 years, instead of having to learn 2-3 martial arts and combining them to compete by themselves, boxers and coaches have been able to synthesize moves.

It’s a great way to create complete lesson plans and separate training classes for MMA competitions. That is probably the reason MMA is misunderstood by many as a martial. MMA is a form of martial arts competition.

What martial arts does the MMA include?

Right from the name of Synthetic Martial Arts, we can see that MMA covers all kinds of moves from many different martial arts. As long as the martial arts after being combined together must have the following 3 elements.

Striking includes punches, kicks from Muay Thai, boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Chaser, Pencak Silat, Shaolin, Wing Chun…

Wrestling includes ways to restrain the opponent by holding, pulling, pressing, but not directly punching and kicking like Greco-Roman objects, free objects (Freestyle wrestling)…

Grappling includes ways to control the opponent by falling to the floor (takedown), changing the position on-bottom (transition), locking (clinch), squeezing (submission hold) like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Judo…

Every MMA fighter must know 3 key skills including kicking, grappling, wrestling. MMA is like a white paper that unleashes your creativity. But creating a masterpiece or just scribbling to spoil those pages is entirely up to you.