MMA Video Games

Numerous video games have been released that feature mixed martial arts (MMA) in some way. Many of them are based within the sporting community itself. Others take place in outlandish, fantasy worlds. There are a number of great video games worth playing which have MMA elements within them.

Grand Theft Auto

The Grand Theft Auto game series is set in a parody version of America. Several of the latest instalments allow players to fight in MMA styles. For instance, in a GTA 4 bonus game, there is a mission that takes place inside an MMA cage. Players fight off waves of opponents. In GTA: San Andreas there are training gyms dotted around the map. Entering one allows people to modify the fighting style of the game character so that they utilise boxing, karate and kickboxing moves.


Skyrim is a fantasy game where players explore a vast area filled with magical enemies. Most people choose to defend themselves using spells and weapons. However, it is possible to challenge enemies at hand to hand combat. There are even MMA inspired mods which can be installed.


Ultimate Fighting Championship is not just a famous MMA contest. It is also a recognisable brand used to sell different forms of merchandise. This includes a video game series. Real-life fighters have provided their own likenesses and voices. Therefore players are able to control digital depictions of their favourite UFC contestants.


Creed was a spin-off of the iconic boxing film series Rocky. A popular video game of the movie was released. While the moves are predominantly from boxing, it is possible to use different fighting styles. To do this, players need to have a virtual reality set installed. Rather than punching like a boxer the player could try karate strikes and other MMA moves.