Popular MMA Fighters With Betting Companies

MMA matches are often bet on by sports gamblers. The companies that offer these wagers favour several of the sport’s top athletes. They are fighters who are predicted most likely to win a match. Because of this, the company will offer high odds on them. Over the years several MMA fighters have been considered reasonably safe to bet on by companies in the gambling industry.

Georges St-Pierre

It is difficult to name the greatest MMA fighter of all time. However, this man would undoubtedly be high on the list. In 2006 he became the welterweight champion. A year later his promising run was cut short after Matt Hughes defeated him.

However, “GSP” managed to work his way back to the top before retiring in 2013. He came out of it in 2017 and defeated Michael Bisping, who was champion at the time. Throughout his illustrious career, St-Pierre has only been beaten twice.

Jon Jones

With the talent that Jones has shown in the ring, it is no wonder that he is popular with so many betting companies. In 2011 he managed to defeat champ Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, winning the UFC’s 205-pound title. At the time he was only 23 years old. Jones defended his title numerous times. It will be difficult for future MMA athletes to match such great heights.

Anderson Silva

In 2013 in particular, the name Silva would be seen with good odds on betting sites. There is a strong argument to be made that he is the greatest MMA fighter of all time. He once held the record for longest winning streak with 16 matches. He also defended his title 10 times in the UFC. He not only won but somehow made it look easy. Chael Sonnen was one of the few athletes who came close to defeating him. Silva has become an icon of the sport.