Great MMA Movies

The sporting community has only embraced mixed martial arts (MMA) for a relatively short amount of time. Despite being a recent phenomenon, mixed martial arts has already left a clear mark on modern culture. This can be seen by the number of movies that feature MMA fighting. There are several films of this type that are worth checking out.


Warrior is a gripping story about two brothers who are passionate about the sport. It features a good mix of drama and fighting action. Each of the brothers dream about become fighting champions. One of them is very disciplined, while the other is filled with rage. Both characters are presented as sympathetic to certain extents. This makes the climax even tenser when the two end up competing against each other.


This is one of the best documentaries about MMA. It takes the viewer into the world of this sport. The main focus is on fighters from Louisiana who dream of making it big. The harsh realities of professional combat are laid bare, including the sacrifices that need to be made. People interested in the day to day life of MMA should certainly watch Fightville.


Choke is another very interesting MMA documentary. It examines the Pride Fighting Championship, an important promoter of MMA during its early years. The filmmakers follow three fighters who want to win the 1995 tournament. The Gracie family features prominently. Choke shows viewers what the sport was like back when it was new.

The Hammer

The great thing about The Hammer is that the whole family can enjoy it. The story is based on the real-life career of UFC fighter Matt Hamill. Hamill suffered from a loss of hearing as a child and overcame his deafness as an adult, becoming an NCAA champion. He later had continued success in the UFC.