EFC Trailer Steals the Show at Prospect Fighting Championships 13

Fans came to Toronto’s Rebel Night Club, expecting a fantastic show. As usual, Canada’s premier MMA promoter, Prospect Fighting, lived up to expectation. The night’s showcase produced many entertaining bouts. Such as Tony Laramie’s triumph over a seasoned opponent, Claudio Ledesma.

However, there was also a little drama. A doctor was called into Loyd Galindo, and Jorge Britto’s fight only 50 seconds into the proceedings. The match went to Loyd after the doctor ruled that Britto couldn’t continue.

There Was More Drama

The night’s showcase also featured an exclusive trailer drop of EFC The Movie. This film takes us through the trials and tribulations that see MMA fighter, Cassady Jones, leaving the EFC. She and seven other female fighters receive an exclusive invitation to fight in a new high stakes tournament. Cassady soon realizes that this is not a just fight for a crown, but it’s the fight for everything.

The film has a female lead cast and features stunts coordination and choreography from Wayne Wells. It stars Karlee Rose as leading lady Cassady Jones and other Gemini Award-winning actors. The movie’s release date is yet to be confirmed. But, it’s likely to come to cinemas this summer.

Creative Collaboration

Prospect Fighting hopes this partnership with Universal Pictures and Fighting Network will help it expand its audience. Such a film will allow viewers to see MMA as more than just another blood sport. The film also highlights the struggles that fighters go through on the hard and long road to the top.

Fighting Network is one of the world’s largest combat sports channels. The new work covers many combat sports around the world. A partnership between the network and Prospect Fighting could bring a rise in interest in MMA across Canada. This partnership will also allow Prospect Fighting to bring in higher quality fighters to Canadian audiences.