What’s Next for Tony Laramie After PFC Title Win?

Tony Laramie has accomplished a lot for a 21-year-old fighter. Laramie’s technique is flawless, and his strikes are so clinical that they leave his opponents gasping. Such a technical approach was all he needed to become the new PFC champion. A great future lies ahead of Laramie. But, for now, the dynamic flyweight fighter is savouring his latest victory. It’s safe to say he’s ready for greater things judging from his last bout. It’s just a matter of time.

Youth Over Experience

Laramie earned his latest title after defeating Claudio Ledesma, a veteran fighter from New Jersey. The victory came by unanimous judges’ decision that came after the 5 round match. Laramie dominated much of the proceedings that kept both fighters on their feet.

“I believe that sticking is the best part of my game,” Laramie said. “That’s why I kept him (Ledesma) on his feet.” He added. Another highlight of the young fighter’s technic is his instinct and agility. He leveraged this effectively against his opponent.

“I’d slip away from his jabs and kicks,” he exclaims. “Then, POW! POW! I’d get him with counter-attacks,” he adds excitedly. This strategy got him the 125lb Prospect Fighting championship.

Unanimous Judges’ Decision

All the spectators and judges agreed on one thing. Laramie landed the harder jabs and kicks throughout the bout. This is despite lacking a reach and height advantage. “Guys like me have to move around a lot, especially in MMA, where we don’t have huge gloves for blocking bigger guys,” Laramie said.

This victory also saw Laramie improve his record to 5-2. It’s also symbolic to the youngster that Ledesma is an accomplished fighter. His career includes wins against UFC class opponents like Brian Keller. Therefore, the belt around Laramie’s waist is proof that he can take on the UFC. But, for now, Tony is back to his workout routine. He is waiting for the next challenger to step up.