Come Explore Temagami!

Welcome to Misabi Adventure Company's website; we're honoured by your visit. We offer Aboriginal Cultural tours and experiences quite unlike any other on the picturesque shores of Lake Obabika, Lake Temagami and the surrounding area in Ontario's famous Temagami District.


Your tour experience has been thoughtfully designed to be culturally sensitive ,eco-friendly and respectful, but not without its creature comforts. We like to think that we've blended the best of the eco, cultural ,adventure, and camping experiences.

Are You Ready for the experience?

As the chatter of birds announces the dawn, your camping group stirs and straggles into the dining tent, noses following the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. After lingering over a hearty breakfast, you're off to enjoy the activity of your choice.

One day you may devote yourself to your favourite author's latest publication. Scouting out an idyllic spot, nestled under the boughs of a stand of old-growth pines, you settle down to read. With each breath stress disappears, carried off by sighing winds ... and soon find yourself dozing, lulled by lapping waves.

Next day you may leave the campsite behind, and follow your guide along paths carved by the foot prints of aboriginals in time out of memory. Lured to stand before remote ancient pictographs, their magic palpable even now, you reverently capture the moment with photos to be shared back home.

As dusk deepens, you compare the wonders of the day with your friends and family. After a scrumptious meal, once again prepared by your guide, you relax before the bonfire. As you sip your tea, or a glass of fine wine, your eyes follow sparks drifting heaven-ward, and you are mesmerized by the dense stars dancing against the backdrop of night, or by northern lights dipping and swirling in inconceivable splendor!

You head for bed in a tent that rivals the comforts of home. And you dream of tomorrow's sweat lodge experience and fireside tales of creation ... or did you book a kayak lesson ... or was it an overnight canoe trip? No matter, your guide has it all under control.

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