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The UFC match that opened up the history for MMA tournament

The timeline of November 12 marked the memories of many MMA fans when they witnessed the historical births.

23 years ago, the UFC 1 event was officially launched to the audience with 7 matches between boxers from all sects to find the strongest. Here, the Gracie Martial Arts clan initiated a MMA tournament.

UFC 1 also saw for the first time – the concept of Mixed Martial Arts was born when television critic Howard Rosenberg named this new multi-discipline format. After 7 matches, Royce Gracie – the most famous heir of the Gracie clan took the throne with effective Jutsu skills.

The Brazilian martial artist’s victory proves two things: the tightening skills of the Brazilian Jutsu are essential to becoming a perfect fighter, and the MMA ring is the most comprehensive place to find martial artists. The best in the world.

UFC 1 has witnessed the historic birth of MMA

So far, the UFC’s role has made MMA the most attractive sport in the world, producing superstars who have made a mark on the history of martial arts. And by accident, UFC number one star, Conor McGregor, 23 years later, on the same day the tournament opened in the past, continued to write the company’s new history.

UFC 1 has witnessed the historic birth of MMA

However, unlike the man who failed to write history, Conor McGregor created a shock when he easily overcame the light defending champion Eddie Alvarez after just two games, becoming the champion. The enemy has the first 2 consecutive weight classes in the tournament.

Conor McGregor won 2 weight classes at the same time

At this time, the puncher with the nickname The Notorious officially surpassed the contemporaries, becoming the number 1 star of the tournament. This is also the premise that makes Conor favored by the UFC, creating the opportunity to challenge Floyd Mayweather a year later.

Since Conor McGregor’s achievements, the 2-weight Superfight movement has also taken place continuously, witnessing three new kings, Daniel Cormier, Amanda Nunes, and Henry Cejudo.

In addition to the two milestones in 1993 and 2011, in 2011, UFC officially signed a contract with FOX Sports channel, bringing its matches to television worldwide, opening an era of explosive love. billions of dollars of the most attractive tournament on the planet.

True and sufficient definition of Mixed Martial Arts you may not know

What is Mixed Martial Arts – MMA?

In order to have the flexibility to compete in the most open law, martial artists have to learn many different martial arts.

In fact, mixed martial arts (MMA) is a form of athletic competition. The range of MMA allows for a fairly wide antagonism, both when the boxer is standing on the floor or the boxer is lying on the floor, using vertical attacks (Striking) and tightening (Grappling) attacks of all the sets. martial arts and other fighting competitions.

MMA was born to find the strongest martial art

Thus, in theory, a fighter who knows both boxing, wrestling, and Jiu-jitsu can fight MMA, a boxer who only knows boxing or a fighter who only knows Brazilian Jiu-jitsu can still fight MMA. However, to gain the upper hand in the ring, boxers must know more than one martial art.

Along with the development of mixed martial arts (MMA) for over 20 years, instead of having to learn 2-3 martial arts and combine them to compete, martial artists and coaches have been able to synthesize the moves. The best way to create complete lesson plans and separate training classes for MMA competition.

The MMA training curriculum system is now very diverse and obviously makes many people mistakenly think that MMA is a martial art.

Which martial arts does MMA include?

Right from the name Mixed Martial Arts, we can see that MMA covers all sorts of techniques from many different martial arts. As long as the martial arts together with each other must meet the following 3 factors as follows.

Striking includes punches and kicks from Muay Thai, Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Canopy, Pencak Silat, Shaolin, Wing Chun…

Wrestling includes methods of restraining the opponent by grasping, pulling, pressing, but not directly kicking and fighting like Greco-Roman, freestyle wrestling…

Grappling consists of ways to control the opponent by falling to the floor (takedown), changing the upper-lower position (transition), locking (clinch), tightening (submission hold) such as Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Judo…

MMA is like a white book for you to be creative. But creating a masterpiece or just scribbling to damage those pages is entirely up to you.