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True and sufficient definition of Mixed Martial Arts you may not know

What is Mixed Martial Arts – MMA?

In order to have the flexibility to compete in the most open law, martial artists have to learn many different martial arts.

In fact, mixed martial arts (MMA) is a form of athletic competition. The range of MMA allows for a fairly wide antagonism, both when the boxer is standing on the floor or the boxer is lying on the floor, using vertical attacks (Striking) and tightening (Grappling) attacks of all the sets. martial arts and other fighting competitions.

MMA was born to find the strongest martial art

Thus, in theory, a fighter who knows both boxing, wrestling, and Jiu-jitsu can fight MMA, a boxer who only knows boxing or a fighter who only knows Brazilian Jiu-jitsu can still fight MMA. However, to gain the upper hand in the ring, boxers must know more than one martial art.

Along with the development of mixed martial arts (MMA) for over 20 years, instead of having to learn 2-3 martial arts and combine them to compete, martial artists and coaches have been able to synthesize the moves. The best way to create complete lesson plans and separate training classes for MMA competition.

The MMA training curriculum system is now very diverse and obviously makes many people mistakenly think that MMA is a martial art.

Which martial arts does MMA include?

Right from the name Mixed Martial Arts, we can see that MMA covers all sorts of techniques from many different martial arts. As long as the martial arts together with each other must meet the following 3 factors as follows.

Striking includes punches and kicks from Muay Thai, Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Canopy, Pencak Silat, Shaolin, Wing Chun…

Wrestling includes methods of restraining the opponent by grasping, pulling, pressing, but not directly kicking and fighting like Greco-Roman, freestyle wrestling…

Grappling consists of ways to control the opponent by falling to the floor (takedown), changing the upper-lower position (transition), locking (clinch), tightening (submission hold) such as Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Judo…

MMA is like a white book for you to be creative. But creating a masterpiece or just scribbling to damage those pages is entirely up to you.

The puncher surpassed Mike Tyson in terms of KO ability

Not only does the KO win rate reach 100%, this player’s leaderboard also shows that he started to fight with excellent opponents as soon as he stepped up to the pro.

At the current Lightheavyweight weight class of world Boxing, Russians are dominating this weight class. In particular, the unbeaten champion IBF and WBC Artur Beterbiev, the monster fist with a KO win rate of 100%.

However, strength is not the only thing worth talking about about Artur Beterbiev, the ability to control the ring, the careful play style combined with the feeling of extreme distance that made Artur Beterbiev become a champion that is hard to power is most deposed today.

The boxer holds an unbeaten record through 15 matches. Artur Beterbiev has defeated KO and TKO against every opponent he has ever faced. If the unbeaten record is not enough to make people admire, then look at the achievements of the opponents Beterbiev has defeated.

Since 2013, Artur Beterbiev has only needed 5 warm-up matches to keep the ring with heavier opponents. In the 6th match of his professional career, Beterbiev faced the opponent who held a 24-2 record. After that, Atur repeatedly defeated opponents with double experience in him, including unbeaten opponents or only lost 1-2 matches.

The achievements of the opponents were once defeated by Artur Beterbiev

If compared with another outstanding fighter who is also famous for the KO ability is the legendary Mike Tyson, though it is superior to the continuous time of maintaining the KO circuit (19 matches).

However, the performance of Mike Tyson’s early career opponents is not too impressive. Most of his opponents are boxers losing more than winning or just transitioning to professional not long ago.

Mike Tyson’s early career rivals had a much more modest record

Atur Beterbiev is a Russian Muslim. This one of the many factors that makes it difficult for a fighter to receive favor from match organizers. He lacks favor, having to face against boxers of great caliber. However, Atur Beterbiev still maintains his devastation in Light Heavyweight weight class. Experts even said that the arrival of the trio of Kovalev, Bivol and Beterbiev is what made Americans leave this weight class.

Summary of famous traditional martial arts in the world (Part 2)


With Boxing, you will use a flexible combination of punches with movement of your legs, head and torso.

Boxing is considered a fighting martial art between the two. Starting from the West, learning boxing techniques, you will use a combination of punches flexibly with the movement of your legs, head and torso.

Amateur boxing is also a part of many sports festivals around the world, including the Olympic Games. It is known that boxer Muhammad Ali is a legend of this martial art.


This is a martial art inspired by Japanese martial arts and developed and transformed in Brazil but has gradually become one of the popular mixed martial arts in the martial arts world MMA.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art used in combat, teaching the weaker to defend and fight the stronger using techniques such as levers and locks. This is a martial art created by Carlos Gracie after Japanese study, Judo and traditional Jiu-Jit su created.


Taekwondo tends to use the feet and lower legs through powerful kicks. North Korea is the nation of Taekwondo and is also the most practiced martial arts (mudo) of this country. It is also one of the most popular sports in the world.

The Japanese propaganda of Karatedo martial arts to Korea during World War II in the 1950s and 1960s. This led many to mistakenly believe that Taekwondo was actually from a Karatedo sect that split and developed into a martial art. And to escape the influence of Karatedo, the masters founded the modern Taekwondo sect.

Taekwondo places more emphasis on the leg strikes and emphasizes the sportiness of the discipline. This martial art has some similarities with Chinese Kungfu and other Korean martial arts such as Tangsudo, Hapkido. However, Taekwondo tends to use the feet and lower legs through powerful kicks.


Taijiquan is actually a traditional martial art of the Chinese nation characterized by extremely flexible, slow-moving movements of the right hand and the harmonization of the breath.