Stamp Fairtex is more cautious when returning to MMA at ONE No Surrender

Stamp Fairtex promises to regain kickboxing championship title and gain experience to conquer the peak of MMA.

Stamp Fairtex is one of the leading female warriors of ONE Championship. Only 21 years old, she was the first female champion of the two fighting forms of the largest martial arts promotion organization in Asia.

However, Stamp’s ambition did not stop there. In addition to Muay Thai and kickboxing, she also wants to conquer more MMA and set a new record. She now takes the title of atomic champion in the hands of Angela Lee as a goal to strive. However, Stamp is aware of where the ability is. Therefore, she did not appear too hasty and aggressive but could set a specific path for herself.

Stamp Fairtex is practicing in three forms including Muay Thai, kickboxing and MMA

Stamp admitted that she initially had no intention of pursuing MMA. However, she was conquered by the martial art right after trying to practice.

Stamp herself considered MMA a huge challenge to her. Training for all three subjects at the same time is not easy. It requires female boxers to invest a lot of time, learn new techniques. Not only that, but she also needs to train the ability to change the fighting style flexibly. Even so, the very difficulty that stimulated Stamp to conquer new martial arts.

The break time will help Stamp refine her skills

The COVID-19 pandemic caused most countries to restrict the organization of tournaments. Martial artists from around the world also face many difficulties in entry and exit. So, the target of revenge for Stamp will have to be postponed for a while.

During this time, Stamp will still practice non-stop in all three subjects. She plans to take part in more matches to gain experience for the big goal.

In the immediate future, Stamp will participate in ONE: No Surrender – the largest operation of the ONE Championship after the pandemic. The event took place in Bangkok, Thailand on July 31 with the participation of many of the world’s top Muay Thai fighters and kickboxing.

At ONE: No Surrender, Stamp is likely to clash with Sunisa Srisen – a countryman with an unbeaten record. With this match, Stamp promises to show her best performance so as not to make fans more disappointed.